Fame !!! it has its good and bad side. **UPDATED FOR MORALS**.

Fame !!! it has its good and bad side.

 fame!!! it has its good and bad side
Fame has its cost.

What do i define fame as?

(The state of being known or discussed by numerous individuals, particularly because of striking accomplishments or qualities. )

e.g “being a blogger has brought me distinction and fortune”

Equivalent words you can use to qualify the same attributes includes: fame, big name, fame, ubiquity, conspicuousness; note, refinement, regard, significance, account, outcome, enormity, greatness, distinction, stature, notoriety, reputation, ignominy to name but a few.

As the expression goes subsequently!!! Fame a word used to characterize or portray a demonstration of being well known..

Cost? To me here is the ideal regard for something an individual is included in, positive or negative.

You ever known about fame as it has a cost to pay, whether great or terrible? If not then I’l recommend you quickly forward and get down to function as to realizing that a considerable measure accompanies being surely understood and renowned. 


*Ngozi is an understudy of a Higher Institution here in Nigeria, she’s savvy, shrewd, good and a bright provider yet what is her issue?. Her great qualities made her known by individuals who went to her every-time as the ideal opportunity for help, yet a day came and Ngozi had the remainder of all desires as she must be in the same class as she has regularly being or significantly all the more better to set up a decent persona.

You’ll ask me for what valid reason? I’l let you know.

As a cheerful giver that she seems to be, she came in contact with a course-mate of hers who required help in studies and assignments severely that Ngozi was her just alternative, Ngozi being nice and sensible, acknowledged to help her companion yet got more than she bargained…. How and why you perusing this may ask, Ngozi got to her companion/course-mates house for teachings just however to figure out a huge house was sitting tight for her for the single reason which was arranged with simply her coursemate.

Being her normal self, didn’t decline regardless of the fact that she knew many individuals will conflict with, for example, it wasn’t arranged. ( I no go gree for that kind arrangee if na me).

She got serious, taught everybody there as seen and not arranged and all were fulfilled by it all…. Presently she made new companions there excessively including a certain young lady who needed a keen mind to dependably do her task and test for her..’I have discovered my prosperity course, said the new young lady’.

What do you expect when you are one of the best brains in your specialty. Here is where the issue began..

Sit tight and get a chill as its reasonable and straight to the point for answers and end of story.

””Ok, here it is. In the wake of showing the said group and getting a companion among them, she turned out to be excessively tasked, making it impossible to acknowledge showing her even against her own calendar supposing it was OK (to remain the great young lady and not seen as awful by individuals who now consider her to be great).

She needed to acknowledge and started giving the new young lady private tutorship, this proceeded for more than 3months and soon Ngozi began loosing spotlight on her studies, herself and loads more and she got totally diverted by this improvement and to clear her effectively, she didn’t see that her aggregate consideration in attempting to keep up the prevalence of being the great young lady instructor cut her evaluations down cosmically till the end of semester and her outcomes stunned her.

She was canceled and advised her issues yet at that point It was late and she could do nothing about it any more except for keep up her great young lady identity…. This happened till a decent companion of hers took it upon himself to tell her that she needed to get genuine and face reality and recover her exhibitions..

This she did and soon enough her performances began returning up… What happened to the young lady she was instructing? Her male companion prompted her to claim up and open up to the young lady that her time taking was influencing her and that they expected to re-devise another means for tutoring, this the young lady acknowledged and soon enough they both were teaching one another and they turned out to be best of companions as other had surrendered her when her evaluations and exhibitions had dropped.


1. Never you attempt to dependably awe individuals.

2. Fame and Prominence accompanies a cost either great or awful mostly in the meantime.

3. Figure out how to pick your companions not the other path round.

4. Keep running from companions who turn into yours when in need and far from you when you are in need.

5. At long last, keep a little network circle of friends and you’ll be great and better off as a human..


on the off chance that the story above has any reaction from you in connection to anybody you know (leXHansplaCE) stands to say it is for Inspirational reason as this story was fictioned straight from my psyche for the above reason, the names and situations are likewise fictions for peruser’s utilization.

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

IamNigerian, iBlog, iCreate, iPlan, iPromote & iAdvertise

Welcome to my escape. Read through my posts and do have yourself a good time.


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  1. That point 4. I am just getting over a friend of mine whose act depict no 4.
    This is a great post for everyone to learn

  2. Luckily you can also do great things with fame. People can have a big influence. And change things for the good. I've met some known actors and some have been really inspiring. I love having a network of good friends. But I also like to look at the world : meet many people. See the good in them and get to know many people.

  3. Completely agree with your points! Fame either usually brings the best or worst out of people. Those with good morals and good support system usually thrive more!

  4. We can learn two things from anyone – how to be and how not to be. Hopefully our experience, wisdom and natural intelligence can guide is which to do for which person we meet and know. 🙂 Great article. Inspiring.

  5. There are two different ways that you can use fame: to do good and to do bad. The perfect example on good is Mark Zukenberg, even if he is one of the most rich and famous people on this planet he is still humble and uses his assets and fame to make a difference for people who are less fortunate. Which is so admirable!

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