Istandwithbloggers is one for every blogger out there who in one way or the other have been hit and let down for one of those selfish reason of the hungry for free post society we live in.
Normally i don’t get involved with controversy or things that leads me into asking questions or countering what someone says about me or my colleagues in whatever i do in life, but I am pushed to compose this very post.
Here is my outrage in synopsis before i go into my post in full.
*An Entertainer: all you bloggers will have dead blogs with no substance without us the performers, comedians, and so on.
Me: and who let you know so? Also, have you ever known about the word NICHE before?*
This is precisely what an Entertainer said to me concerning the pattern that is circulating around the web now that no Entertainer ought to pay BLOGGERS to transfer or have their CONTENT on there website. But I beg to ask just 2 questions?.

Who is an Entertainer?

What’s more, on the off chance that we can answer these two questions independently from anyone else then am certain we will arive somewere near observing reasons why BLOGGERS ought to be ACCORDED some RESPECT simply like each ENTERTAINER aswell.
lex for lexhansplace

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