Meet Emeka Talent, AnambraCampusAwards2018 Nominee

Emeka Talent is a final year student, studying Linguistics at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka (UNIZIK).

Emeka Talent has made a name for himself in student politics, this is evident in the litany of his achievements,  and the  young people he groomed who are now exceptional student leaders in various capacities.
Emeka Talent has received numerous awards and recognitions as a student,  he has held many leadership positions and his achievements were commendable. He was the former Mr linguistics department UNIZIK 2014, Mr faculty of Arts UNIZIK, the SA on socials SUG UNIZIK  2016, the Director of Socials National Union of Anambra State Students (NUAS) 2017,and the SA on socials SUG UNIZIK 2018. 
Emeka Talent is a man with capacity ,this led to his nomination as The MOST INFLUENTIAL STUDENT IN ANAMBRA STATE 2018  (Male) for the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS 2018.
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