Meet Dennis Serg Chukwuekezie, AnambraCampusAwards2018 Nominee

Dennis Serg Chukwuekezie, is a 500L student of Law, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam Campus.

He has been the Publisher/CEO The PUNDITS Media from 2014 till date. 
Currently, he holds the positions of Chief Editor SUG Eagle’s Magazine (2018), Associate Editor LAWSA Magazine (2018), Media/Publicity Officer for the SUG Judiciary (2018), Senior Correspondent LAWSA House of Assembly (2017-2018), and Sports Correspondent LAWSA Football Team.

He’s a former Class Rep (2015-2017), one time member LAWSA House of Assembly (2014) and former Legal Advisor to the SUG Chief Justice(2016-2017).

Dennis Serg is a writer, an administrator, social commentator, critic and communicator. He has a flair and passion for reporting, with special interest in investigative journalism. 
His hobbies include, reading great books, novels and newspapers. He also enjoys listening to (country) music, radio and watching educative documentaries.

Finally, he’s a tech freak, staunch Manchester United fan and a fish lover who dislikes meat.

Currently Dennis has been nominated  “BEST BLOGGER OF THE YEAR in the prestigious ANAMBRA CAMPUS AWARDS.

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