NNU.NG The Truth About IT. Number 7 Makes Sense.


Before i proceed with my findings, i will like to state clearly that this is not in the slightest bit supported by anybody connected with NNU yet simply my genuine conclusion and perceptions about the program.

I joined the program from a friend who informed me about it and to be straightforward I didn’t squander up 10 minutes of information exchange time after he disclosed it to me and yes I have done other affiliate programs so I beyond any doubt know how it functions.
Good enough alot of positives i have read and heard about NNU from people while i waited for my widrawal request to be attended to. (I got my alert of 6k yesterday, below is the screenshot of the sms alert for those who may be doubting the authenticity).

I requested for payment on the 26th of August. So i can understand i was among the last set of people to request for payment, no wonder i received mine yesterday (thats 1 long month to wait for payment you know).
But also its nice to note that it was made clear that last months payout was about 30MILION NAIRA . And this time around the payment was 70MILLION NAIRA so we can say we understand why there was alot of delays and also PAUL SAMSON made us all understand that the PAYMENT METHOD is still MANUALLY done and not AUTOMATED yet.
With everything taken into account I have set aside opportunity to go through remarks from individuals on the FACEBOOK PAGE, FACEBOOK GROUP, and different PLATFORMS on the web and here is my conclusion on a couple of things about NNU which I will list beneath.

So focus as you process them you need to know about

1. It works.
2. Its AFFILIATE marketing and Nigerians have not come to. terms with what true AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS are. (we all want that free money where we don’t have to talk people into joining but straight to earning).
3. Its getting viral and loads more people are joining.
4. Their publicity is going well sofar with the launch of their T-Shirt and all.

5. If NNU is a scam and fake as some people say. By now it should have died down and all info lost like every other online scheme that has come and gone.
6. The effect of money losses every Nigerian has faced from the ponzi scheme era from the MMM to the Ultimate Cycler to the Loopersclub to every other one out there is still much fresh on us all and brings that fear in people not to join.
7. The man PAUL SAMSON has sofar been open and public to everyone and not a Ghost behind a mask so we all know what and who is well behind the NNU.

8. The alexa rank and lot more speaks for itself. It shows alot of people are joining, visiting, reading news and making money. (check the image below for its ALEXARANK IN NIGERIA).

9. Nigerians now have seen the true value of the Naira even as low as 2Naira meaning alot to us now.
10. The REFERAL BONUS of 62.5% of the package which is 1000Naira is too good to ignore. (alot of programs come with big bonuses but they never keep up).
11. You spend as little as 1 to 2 hours a day on this platform and earn good money compared to nothing.
12. You get value for visiting and reading news on sites than just browsing and burning your data for nothing.
13. Affiliate programs can’t just fade away because the two parties are benefiting, NNU earns and you also earn. (i will make a post later where i will talk about AFFILIATE MARKETING PROGRAMS)
14. NNU is making loads of income already as you can see with their Advertising and other ways too.
The payment system should be upped a bit more and switched from the manual to automated mode for quick payments to members as things like this creates panic and fear in people. I HOPE PAUL SAMSON GETS TO READ THIS AND DOES SOMETHING.
So far. I will watch how it all goes and update you guys on my findings and how good it has been. But for now i will give it a 7/10 RATING for the success story sofar.
For those asking if i am a member. YES I AM A MEMBER OF THIS PLATFORM.
Feel free to chat me up on whatsapp on 07037906228 to guide you on how to go about getting signed up asap so you too can join the winning team and get value for every data and time spent on the internet.
Menkiti Anthony Obianuju

Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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