Am i that SHY? or just a more digital person when it comes to affections.

Somebody once strolled up to me and sparked up a little convo, saying to me.
“lex you appear to be a superior individual by means of advanced sources with regards to demonstrating fondness and affection to those you cherish and love”.
This got me shocked and full of thoughts, ranging different angle of my emotions and reason for what this person said to me, and i was forced to ask “How do you mean?”
Here is what the colleague of mine said.
“You are somebody who is great with words and you utilize them so pleasantly with that delicate and adorable voice of yours on CALLS, On SMS you can make the absolute best of messages and send to somebody regardless of the state of mind of condition the individual is and they will be lifted by the sms you send them, then there comes the bigger part of everything, when you CHAT with somebody on various short message applications, {You know how hard it can be and how the struggles of an introvert can be.} you know exactly when and how to hit the correct words and voila you make them feel solid and extraordinary with you not taking a look at to what extent you have known or met them.”
Lets not forget that we humans have our various ways to connect with people, some find it easy to do so and some don’t, some may even try to be impressive to the new connects and end up harming the attempt than really making new friends in the process.
Presently this brings me to ask a couple questions from you my readers, how would you perceive yourself in methods for speaking with your friends, neighbors and every-other individual you interact with?
Are you better of with the calls, sms, chats or you are way better when you are in close contact and discus with them?.
I need to know how you folks do it?. i need to know whether its me been SHY or quite recently some kind of blessing or claim to fame for me…

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  1. At times, I am good with face-to-face interactions and other times I am good with digital connect. Personally, I feel if you are a good writer then your chances are better on the digital medium (coz that's where we write these days). There are some people who are charming when it comes to face-to-face interactions, but that's them! Differs from person to person!

    • Anupriya u spoke my mind here, alot of us who write have the higher chances of being this way and not about being shy, so also, alot of face to face convos go well yet some dont. thanks for your contribution to this.

  2. I think it depends, some are introverts some are extroverts and some are ambiverts. Wherever you fall in those would impact the way you interact with people. I don't think you're shy, you're just more expressive when it comes to words.

  3. I'm extrovert, but when dealing with emotions, I find it so much easier to write out what I'm thinking and feeling. I'm not sure why. May be it's because you can get the words just write.

    • i can relate to this, when those emotions cloud us up we can only but write dem out for people than just go through the mental stress of saying what may not go well with out thoughts.

  4. I don't think that shyness makes us better when using the phone or the computer to communicate. I think it is easier to say what we feel when there is a screen between us because we have time to think, while in real life we would need to react straight away.

  5. I am better in digital connect. I can express myself freely and responsibly. I like the few minutes that I can think before I reply to other people. I don't really like face to face interaction, some people misunderstood me because of the tone of my voice and my facial expression.

  6. I love connecting digitally. Face 2 face is nice, but with people I know well. It's way easier to make connections online. Find likeminded people and get to know people. I love the digital!

  7. This just depends on so many different factors for me, like did I have my coffee in the morning? Am I having a fairly conflict free day? Am I behind on work projects? I think I'm an ambivert, not introverted not extroverted. It's all relative, I guess.

  8. I'm a terrible texter–my sms messages are often too short and leave my recipients wondering my context. I do better face-to-face, where I can convey emotion through expression and I often use physical comedy to diffuse difficult messages.

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