11 Key First Date Tips To Know


In a world where people meet and make new friends on a regular, its safe to note down and learn how best to deal with the situation when we find ourselves in it.

We all have that hunger to experience our first date with that one guy or lady we so much admire and all but have we taken time to ask ourselves the best way to go on that date and be taken serious?


Below i highlight a few first date tips to consider when you go on that date. Ladies have alot to learn here, so also the guys have alot of learning in it too.


1. Wear what make you comfortable and stands you out as decent/smart/classy but not trashy.


2. Do not brag about your ahievements because, it makes it look as if you are trying to impress.


3. No sex talks on a first date. Trust me it turns alot of people off to be on a date and then a sexual discussion comes up. You are not some cheap or loose man/woman. So do not even think of starting up one. On a first date, you are not there to have it as its one for you both to bond and know each other and not for some steamy romp


4. Let your discussuons be smart and productive. If it isnt such, cut it and proly try something else. Ask questions you feel are important to him/her as this will go a long way to build smart choices for you both.


5. Few pictures not too much will be a good move. Keep memories of your first date.

First Date Tips

6. Don’t wait to long for the gold. If he or she doesn’t fit the profile you want or expected. Don’t long it. Be brief and decent but make sure ut doesn’t go longer than usual. Afterall he/she isn’t your spex and it will not lead anywere.


7. Always go with that emergency cash. Not to impress but incase there is an emergency. Emergencies can be to complete bills, or something of urgency in any form.

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8. Smile as much as you can. Trust me this works but don’t over do it and end up looking like a clown. A broad and warm smile goes a long way to create a good reception from you and your date.


9. Be careful with your makeup, makeup under a lot of light to not have too much details and look weird for the occasion.


10. Here is a very key first date tips. Leave your phone aside or else you have a call. Yes. Remember you are on a date and not out to press your phones for games, chats or movies.


11. Don’t go out with big bags, purse or some large wallets. If you can, please do not go with any but if you must do so then make sure its something small and simple. You don’t want your date to see you thinking you are there to have the takeaways home. For the guys, that fat wallet to a lady is just junk of papers and notes and it doesnt go well with them. Keep it simple.

What other first date tips do you know about that you think you can share with everyone reading this? Feel free to share them all in the comment section below. I will try as much as i can to reply as many comments as possible as I can.


Don’t forget to keep refreshing the post from time to time as i may update and add more from your input with name credits too.



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