What Everybody Needs To Know About FRIENDSHIP.

What everybody needs to know about friendship and just like the heading you see, its easy to come out and say we have friends.

Yet it’s also as easy as ABC, to come out in public and say we don’t have friends..

The question running through everyone’s mind right now should be WHY, WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW.. but you should take more time to ask yourself more questions and see for yourself why you would have asked these questions.
Do you make friends for a certain benefit or you make friends for making sake? till the very day you ascertain the reason behind your aim and purpose for making friends then that day i know you have landed and truly decided on what best suits you. Remember that friendship inst just all about sayings but also entails a lot of actions to show in fulfillment the need and essence of it all.
Just as someone will say to you someday “is it safe to give out bank account number” to some one asking about “online business costs” trust me all these questions come with a lot of issues to be highlighted in making friends, because as important as they are so also is your friendship with whoever you decide to.
What Everybody Needs To Know About FRIENDSHIP.


Now follow these steps and see how strong your build to friendship goes..


Learn to choose your friends and not your friends choosing you.



Learn to always say no when you feel your yes isn’t important.



Learn to accept your limits and push to that same limit for more success.



Make your friendship circle a small close one, so as to know the true ones.



Be as open as a book to your chosen friends.



Be as smart and watchful as a fox.



Learn their weakness. {but don’t ever use it against them}.



Learn their strengths. {help them get more to it}.



Always be there for them no matter what it is, good, bad or ugly.



Learn to tell them their faults even if it hurts so bad.{they will appreciate your painful and bitter truth than your sweet lies}.



When making friends try to know a whole lot about them. {academically, spiritually, socially, psychologically and all wise so as to be sure you are aligning with some with similar or uplifting traits to you and not someone who will only bring you down with HIS/HER ways/nature}.



Above all, put GOD into it all and let him guide you into implementation. 

feel free to drop your thoughts on this…and also point out errors or goods in this post.. goodnight world..

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  1. I really like how you talked about learning their strengths, that's one of the most important things of mine when it comes to being a friend – learn their strengths and help them build upon it! Good post.

  2. Friends are an integral part of my life. I usually don't make many friends but the ones I have are precious to me. True friendship is about supporting each other and pointing out each other's faults as well.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  3. Yes, it's important to be thoughtful about your friends. People have to give but learn to set limits. It is not being a good friend to let someone take advantage of you!

  4. Great post on friendship! My school friends are friends for life! As H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said “ Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends."

  5. I couldn't agree more with this. My best friend I have known her since I was a little kid. Friendships should be truly valued and cherished, great post.

  6. I'm lucky to have a small group of friends – we've been friends since high school so we're really more like sisters! So yeah, keep the circle tight and close. Then you'd know who'll be around through the years.

  7. I know a lot of people but I wouldn't say that I have a lot of friends. I am a very private person and I rarely open up to people. These are good points about keeping friendships. It's important, just like in any relationship, to invest your time on your friends.

  8. A great post on friendship! My friendships are a few close knit friends. I keep them very close and we know just about everything there is about the other and there are no secrets.

  9. This is perfect advice. Trying to be friends with someone just become they may offer you something in return will blow up in your face. Another thing people should do: don't be afraid to clean out toxic people from your life!

  10. Good friends are hard to find and not all friends are friends. I considered a friend as someone whom even I didnt speak for years are there when I needed comfort, friends are there to offer their support.

  11. I think everybody should know it is ok to take a chance on your friends and forgive them if they don't live up to your expectations. That's how we identify who are our true friends

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