The Struggles of an Introvert…

Struggles of an introvert

This is strictly a post to help the Introverts come out of their hard shells and relate with all for I remember I once experienced same at some point in time…

Struggles-of-an-introvertRead this post below!!!

#‎I’d really love to be close to people I love but I can’t begin to think of what it might deprive me of.

I am the type who would leave a room unannounced, withdraw from a crowd and even say nothing sometimes when spoken to. How many people can tolerate this?

They’re only going to judge me, thinking my attitude is about them. It’s not! It’s about me. You are a great person but I really value time to do things I’d love to do alone. If it was about you, I’d have told you. I am not fighting any demon. I just feel the need to dream and as much as I would like you to be part of the experience, I don’t want to hold you down.

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I gave a dude I met my phone number and now I feel uncomfortable answering his calls.

My not answering his calls has nothing to do with him. It’s more with me. I don’t know what to discuss with him. I’d like to discuss stuffs that go really deep but I don’t think he can go with that. I did return his call , though, after I had rehearsed what to say to him and also how to end the conversation quickly while not sounding like someone in a haste to hang up.#

*Note* This is actually a post from a friend of mine but I decided to share this as am sure a lot of people go through this day in day out…

So tell me, if it were you? How will you deal with this situation as clearly this is an example of thos struggles of an introvert we all see on daily basis

#feel free to drop your comments on it#.

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  1. Good question. It’s difficult to give advice and it’s not an easy task to overcome shyness and come out of one’s shell. If you didn’t answer him, don’t worry. Maybe it is better to find people you feel most comfortable with and have similar interests in, do what makes you happy, but don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. Everything takes time

  2. I can definitely relate as I was this way IN high school! My reason and excuse was that I didn't like to be around people. It wasn't them, but me. I felt more comfortable by myself doing my own thing and it took me a REALLY long time to come out of my shell and send a wrecking ball to the wall.

  3. i really liked your post. As many persons i am this kind of person who loves to have her moment af doing nothing or being left alone to do what she wants. I have these kind of moments when i wish i go alone in a chalet on a mountain.

    • truly going in a chalet on a mountain shows the fact that its those kind of moments we just want to be left alone but we come back to mingle… tnx for stopping by.

  4. I'm naturally more of an extrovert, but I can't really help. I do find it fascinating sometimes to get into the mind of introverts. A lot of my friends are and I know how hard it can be and I try never to be the annoying outgoing person to tell them to "snap out of it". It's who they are!!! All that matters is that you do things you feel comfortable doing, at your own speed, and the right people will understand. Maybe this guy secretly feels the same, who knows?

    – Elodie x

  5. I can definitely relate to this. I am an introvert and I experience the struggles that people like me go through each day — the fearof huge crowds, speaking in public, presentations, talking to people — the list is endless! Everyday is a battle to relate to people as "normally" as I can.

    • ivan u just have to work through that fire and belive that it will only burn once and after that you are better off… coming out of that shell is hard but defntly its worth tryin for u will be better of as a person…

  6. I can so relate. I love me and the way I am but I also hate what it does to people. People just misunderstand and take it personal. Lost a relationship over it too. I love being by myself, can't help it. I hope I find someone who understands it's not about them.

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  7. "I did return his call , though, after I had rehearsed what to say to him and also how to end the conversation quickly while not sounding like someone in a haste to hang up."

    I would say to this person, if that's the best you can do, don't sweat it. When you meet someone you truly connect with and want to be around, you may find you really want to talk and open up and spent time getting to know him. Be discerning, and if you are an introvert, so be it. Lots of people feel fulfilled spending time alone. 🙂

  8. It's very common to find a history of unresolved loss, grief or trauma at the core of challenges like these.

  9. I was EXTREMELY shy as a child. It wasn't until I came to accept that I am shy by nature that I was able to sort of overcome it. My mom always made it out to seem like it was a bad thing because she is the complete opposite of shy. Now, I just sort of own it and let people know up front that I am shy, but I'll come around once I get to know them better.

  10. I'm an introvert, and do avoid answering calls if possible, but only because I hate awkward silences and small talk. I can be with people, but most of those who know me understand if I quietly excuse myself. I try not to let my 'introvert-ness' be an excuse for APPEARING rude – it's a struggle sometimes, I understand. And though I am an introvert, I'm not shy.

    • Amanda you somehow seem to be the female version of me… same thing here though… i like the part were you dont want people to see the introvertness as an excuse for appearing rud… thanks for stopping by.

    • hehehehe, i now see the link up between you and kids, so cool, but you gotta get stronger to fight the quiet and shy nature… and yes, i just linked up for #bloggerspotlight…

  11. I am an introvert also and extroverts will never understand what it's like. I am social as much as I can stand to be and then I need alone time to recharge. I came across a t-shirt that cracked me up: INTROVERTS UNITE! We're here, we're uncomfortable and we want to go home!

  12. Hello, thank you for sharing your friend's post with us. I am an introvert myself, so I feel for her. I absolutely hate making phone calls. I always have. But, having phone conversations with my boyfriends wasn't something I was going to deprive myself of. If you're compatible with someone, you'll be able able to find things to talk about, which will put your mind at ease. But, it definitely doesn't hurt to be upfront with them and tell them how you feel. If they truly like you, they will accept you for you.

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