Value on Non-living things becomes an issue… Updated

We are HUMANS and as such we all have our priorities in terms of what we place values on and the ones we don’t place such sentiments on, but on a different side of life, we tend to have shifted alot in terms of the technological up-rise and drive all around the world.
You ever wondered why we don’t place values on ourselves or our friends? Yes i know alot will be going through your mind right now, but think no further as i have a strong but short post here to help you think through this.
A case was brought forward for me some months back, sometime last year and truth be told it brought me to fun yet pain…
Value on Non-living things
A lady went to a super store to get some items and within a few minutes getting in, her friend who was with her, stumbled upon the high entrance and fell on the floor, and to my surprise every 1 that was there all burst into laughter with just a few saying sorry to her..but what caught my attention was what happened next..
As she laughed hard at her friends fall, Guess what happened next?
To the very shock of every single person in the premises, her Samsung Note 6 fell of her purse and everyone around her went mute and thrown into panic… My mind went blank as to why a Human will fall and people laugh , but next a Phone (Object) falls and people laugh at it?
Any ideas pals, share with me please…
Comments are nice and I want them from you…

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  1. Lex, this is a great post and it makes so much sense. I hadn't thought of it this way, but you're right – it's like we care more about the objects than the people. Interesting to think about. Thank you for sharing.

    Perhaps this goes slightly into my post about Shame. We laugh when we are hurt because we feel vulnerable – scared – we don't want people to make a big deal about it and so we don't make a big deal when others fall either. It's easier to feel real emotions when attached to a device rather than a human. Read more about it on my post:

  2. This is an interesting question I have asked myself on multiple occasions. As a society we definitely place a higher value on material things than we soemtimes do on human lives. I think about how we send firefighters into harm's way to save homes in areas that have already been evacuated, instead of focusing efforts on containing the fire, we risk human lives to save proeperty. Yes losing a home can be devastating, but not as devastating as losing a family member like so many fire fighter's families have done. Yet, few question the practice because it seems logical to them to protect their homes, their things, all of which are at the end of the day replaceable. But human beings, no matter how distant from us, how unsucessful or marginalized they be in the eyes of society, have a value far beyond any possesion, and their individual lives can never be replaced. Perhaps if we thought more like this, instead of being obsessed with money and things, there wouldn't be so much hatred and war in the world today. Thanks for sharing and making me think!

    • your point is so clear to me, i wonder why the world is this way, all the same i apprciate the fact that there are people out there who see things the way i see them also…….. thnx for stopping by.

  3. Wow, what a really eye-opening post. This something I've definitely noticed as well. It's definitely a trend nowadays to see people care more for materialistic things, than for the real humans around them. We spend more time on our phones and using our computers, than interacting and connecting with real humans.
    Maybe we value these materialistic things more because once they break they cannot be fixed? We use hard earned money to purchase these things, but we don't realize that building a good relationship with our friends take just as much time and energy and we only are aware of the numbers and figures. Whereas for humans, we see them as something that is renewable, something constant, which makes us value them less.
    What an insightful post!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  4. We place prison material things while we devalue ourself. I was shopping for shoes last week and a thought ran through my mind. I was like you have over 40 shoes will you take them to the grave when I am gone? Seriously this calls for a sober reflection. All these things are vain. May God help us

  5. Definitely makes you think about things and why people do that. I, myself, are guilty of laughing when a friend falls (as long as it's not serious, of course), but when a phone falls I would get dead silent until the phone was picked up to see if everything was okay.

    I like to think humans aren't horrible people like many make them out to be though. My guess is that people react to a human falling because we can immediately read if they are in pain or if they are just embarrassed. Many times it's not serious and just an embarrassing thing, so everyone else laughs because that's how we relieve our own embarrassment. A phone, rather, does not make a noise or have emotions so we don't know how to feel until it's been picked up.

    Just my thoughts, good post!

  6. Thanks Dan, great observation, bcoz we have become so materialistic that the things we earned from money are more significant than the person itself.we take their love for granted.

  7. I have never witnessed something like that before, but that's really sad. It's true though, we do place a lot of value on our electronics. I like to believe it's because we pay a lot of money for the objects. However, our friends are priceless so it becomes an odd situation.

  8. I personally only laugh if a person doesn't get hurt if they fall. I'll even laugh at myself if I trip and fall. Phones are a lot more fragile than the average person. And replacing a phone can be almost $800 if the person doesn't have insurance for it. I don't care about the phone. I feel bad for the person who might have to skip meals to pay for a replacement. Nowadays, it's impossible to live without a smartphone because of how much of our information is stored on them.


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