WANTS from your NEEDS: Separating them

Your WANTS from your NEEDS are two completely different things in your life and should be treated as such.


A strong feeling or wish to have (something)… in essence, your wants are those things you desire greatly:


A situation in which you must do or have something because it is essential or very important, a strong feeling that you must have or do something.

wants and needs for lexhansplace
wants and needs for lexhansplace

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Now lets come into the text of the post and face a little scenario where we as humans get to tangle in the question of knowing our wants and being able to differentiate them all from our needs.

*I throw this out to every reader here, in your own words, tell me what WANTS mean to you and what NEEDS mean to you…*

do this in the comment section of this post.

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  1. Very important thing of life; segregating the definitions of wants and needs… I have gained control on my wants against my needs with great effort.But it's an ongoing process and we should continuously work towards it! For me, Wants and plain desires.. and Needs are my basics for survival 🙂

  2. It's so important to be able to differenciate both conceptions and words. It's not only about meaning, but it's also about how you perceive your whole life and lifestyle. For a lot of people, and mostly occidentals, we are always engaged to buy more because they make us want to believe we need everything displaying on commercials. Whereas, needs are the essentials features such as eating, dressing, and drinking. We have to be able to differenciate both!

  3. I am still working on this as sometimes my "wants" take over and use up all my time! Like, I need to go workout for my health, but I WANT to binge watch my TV show on Netflix instead! I need to organize my time better so my needs are met first!

  4. Wants: Something that is driven by desire.
    Needs: Something that is essential.
    I agree that we always need to know the difference to make the best decisions on how to move forward 🙂

  5. Sometimes it is hard to separate wants from needs especially when your financial situation allows it. Needs are for me day to day things as well as things I NEED in the longtme in regards to my goals. Wants are everything else in between which are just extras and I could essentially do without.

  6. I need to eat because I am hungry.I want to read bread because I like it. I demand a Sambar Vada because I need to eat, I want to eat something tasty and I have enough money to buy a Sambar Vada which is an Indian dish.

  7. I think when it's about more than tangible things – clothes, food, shelter – separating wants from needs is one of the hardest things we have to do. It's especially difficult when what you want is definitely not what you need. Or what's good for you. This happens in careers, relationships, life plans, etc. And, just as we do, what we need tends to evolve. I don't really think you can do more than experience life, have trusty advisers, and hope for the best to get this dilemma figured out.

  8. Nowadays it is true that people seem material things as necessities even when they have the basic needs covered. I guess it is a matter of emotional maturity to be able to differentiate between the things that you need and the things that you just want.

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