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Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Ways to Make Money from Your blog:

#I. Affiliate Marketing.

If you run any affiliate program you can add up your affiliate programs and tell the world of it not forgetting to add up your links so people make use of them and you make some decent earnings from them.

Ways to generate income while blogging

#II. Sponsored Posts.

One thats a pot of gold. Sponsored posts come in handy as you can charge from some 10$ to as much as 100$ or even more pending on your region and the person sponsoring the post on your blog.

Make sure your blog is in good shape in terms of design, good traffic and also large audience exposure and take advantage of this.

#3. Ebook & Products Sales.

Do you have a process to create or make something new and of value to the general public? If yes then you can work your way to the steps and process and get them into Ebooks and sell on your blog. Trust me everyone is on the internet looking for something that can help them achieve something and will pay to have them.

Also do you have any product or service to offer o the world? If yes. You can make use of your blog to drive sales and massive exposure to that product. And in return. You earn money from it.

#4. Sell Ad Space of your blog.

Yes. This seems to be one of the fastest methods to earn money from your blog.

You may ask me how. And i say this… Make space on yoyr blog ranging from your homepage, to posts, to pages, to search and other sections of it all and sell the space for advertisers to place their products for a large audience.

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Here charges depends also on the size of ad banner space. As you can charge from as low as 10$ toas much as 100$ – 500$ or even more. Also please do take note that duration of the ad placement is something to look into. It can be for a week, a month or probably 1 year and even as low as 24 to 48hours depending on the advertisers budget.

#Note: please do note that these are tested and proven positive methods for me and i advice you try then out but these aren’t get rich quick schemes.

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Written by LeXHansplaCE

I am Menkiti Anthony Obianuju.

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  1. These are all useful ways to make money. I do find that affiliate sales can be tough because you are always trying to sell products, so you have to keep up with pushing the sales.

  2. Great tips! So many start out blogging with no idea how to use their platforms to make money. This will help them on their way, for sure.

  3. This is such an insightful post, especially for a beginner blogger like me wondering about the possibilities! thank you for sharing

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